Reppin’ My Team

suitsupply lazio shibumi grenadine

I’ve always found that the colors navy and burgundy look great together, especially when they’re on the jerseys of my undergraduate alma mater as they annihilate the competition in the NCAA tournament. For that reason, I thought I would rep(p)* this new block stripe grenadine tie from the folks at Shibumi Berlin. It’s not often that I buy (or wear) formal clothing these days, but every now and again I see an item that I think will add some nice diversity to my arsenal, even if it won’t get worn all the time.

*Yes, as a grenadine it’s technically not a repp tie, but regimental stripes are often confused with repps and the pun was too good to pass up. Go Zags.

Suit – Suitsupply | Shirt – Proper Cloth | Tie – Shibumi Berlin | Pocket Square – Kent Wang| Shoes – J. Fitzpatrick | Frames – Garrett Leight

suitsupply lazio shibumi grenadinefinal-4318 final-4349