Epaulet x Styleforum Sport Trainer Pre-Order

Epaulet Styleforum Massdrop Sport Trainer collab

Now that I’m back from my recent trip, I wanted to highlight a project I’ve been working on. As many of you know, I helped put together a project with Styleforum and Panta late last year for a made-to-order run of Panta’s popular ties. A similar event is up on Massdrop now, this time with the #menswear favorite Epaulet.

The current MTO run is for Epaulet’s Sport Trainer, in two classic color combos and one that was voted on by the Styleforum community (thanks to all that participated!). For those that aren’t familiar with Epaulet’s Sport Trainer, it’s a riff on the cultish classic German Army Trainer (or GAT). Like the name implies, the GAT has a military history (like so many other menswear classics) – it was designed for soldiers performing indoor training exercises. The style can now be seen all over the place, from Adidas to Maison Margiela. Epaulet’s design remains very true to the original, with a rubber gum outsole, suede and calfskin uppers, and minimal branding or embellishments.

Epaulet Styleforum Massdrop Sport Trainer collab

Of course, one of the best aspects of group buys like this is the price – although $175 is not nothing, it’s $50 off the regular price (even though none of these styles are currently available) and a hell of a lot cheaper than something from Maison on Common Projects. I’m not a huge sneaker guy, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up getting a pair of these. The hard part is deciding what color combo – what is your favorite?

Drop ends in a couple of days; you can see it here

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