Product Review: Pierpont Leather ‘Otis’ Cardholder

One of the great things about current state of the internet is that just about anybody can sell things online. Any kid with a few tools and some leather can start selling key fobs on Etsy, which is a lot cooler than what I was doing to make a few bucks back in the day (my summers were usually spent delivering papers and cleaning dorm rooms). The catch is that with all these new makers out there, it can sometimes be hard to find the true craftsmen, the people that have serious skill beyond just the average crafty person. When you do find one of those people, though, it’s that much more exciting. And one of those people is Parker Pierpont.

I met Parker last year at the Styleforum Proper Kit event in NYC, where he had a small booth. As someone who’s always drawn to people that can make things (perhaps because I lack those skills), I chatted him up and learned about his new business – he had recently started selling leather goods online and was looking to increase the exposure of his new brand. It’s a crowded space, to be sure – there must be thousands of places to get a ‘handmade’ wallet these days – but I could quickly tell that he was making things to a higher level than most. He sent me this cardholder to review, although I should note that by that point I had already purchased and received an order for a custom watch strap, so I was fairly familiar with his work.

Parker has been making leather goods by hand for years now, and in that time was trained by a former Hermès master artisan. This is apparent from the clean saddle stitching, polished edges, and the general attention to detail shown on his products. His story (and level of skill) remind me of Bellanie from Chester Mox, who is one of my favorite artisans of all time.

Another one of the strengths of Pierpont leather is the wide variety of leathers available. He carries many types of calfskin and goatskin in a rainbow of colors, as well as some exotics. This cardholder is made of Barenia calfskin, which has been made famous by Hermes. Barenia is a very smooth, matte calfskin, and is traditionally available in a lovely chestnut color that is known for aging very well. This piece is made form navy Barenia, which is not as common.

The format of this cardholder is very simple, just two interior pockets. For that reason it’s very compact. If you want something with more space, though, he offers several other styles.

Although I imagine small leather goods are the bulk of orders at Pierpont Leather, it should be noted that he does take on bigger commissions and also does bespoke orders. For an idea of what forms these can take, check out his styleforum thread and instagram account (Parker is clearly a talented photographer, as well).

Although my Chester Mox cardholder will likely remain my daily go-to for the time being, it’s good to know that there’s another source to get leather goods made to a high level straight from the maker. Each has their own style and designs, so I think the additional choices are welcome. So if you’re on the lookout for some leather goods – whether small or large – it’s worth keeping Pierpont on your radar.