24 Hours in Vegas

It’s no secret that I hate Las Vegas – anyone that spends time with me or reads this blog often enough has surely heard me complain about that. For as strongly as I feel about it, though, I sure do end up there a lot. I used to go there for work as an engineer, and then for trade shows as a buyer. Before either of those, I would go as a Gonzaga student to watch the West Coast Conference championships. And sure enough, I’m headed there again – this time for the bachelor party of one of my Gonzaga pals.

I’m only making a brief appearance, but I’m sure it will be more than enough time to get the “Vegas experience.” It’s going to be around 100 degrees, so I’m packing for some time by the pool and an evening of running up and down the strip, sweating profusely the whole time. Here’s what I’m bringing:

Wish me luck!