It’s On Sale: Fine Footwear at Mehra

Mehra, a young footwear retailer based in Vancouver, is having a nice sale that includes many brands that aren’t often discounted. Mehra’s prices seem pretty competitive at full MSRP, so the discounted prices are quite good if you’re in the market for top-tier footwear. For example, their discounted prices on Vass are probably the best deal you can get short of visiting Hungary. Stock is somewhat scattered, but there are still good deals to be had.

Here are the discount codes for each brand:

GAZIANO400 – $400 off Gaziano & Girling Shoes
BEMER400 – $400 off Stefano Bemer Shoes
ENZO150 – $150 off Enzo Bonafe Shoes
VASS135 – $135 off Vass Shoes
Note that this only applies to in stock products, so made to order pairs and “stock service” pairs are not included. There are also belts available for many of these shoes, and you can email them for info on those discounts as well.