FSTB Turns Five

We made it another year! Time really flies, doesn’t it?

Over the past year I’ve had a bit less time to write, but I’ve enjoyed putting together the pieces that did go up. From checking out great new products to touring tanneries and meeting shoemakers and finally writing something about my “essentials”, there have been a lot of fun new posts to look back on. I also settled in to my new home on WordPress (good riddance, Tumblr) and got to meet many menswear nerds through trade shows, forum meetups, and more. And when I wasn’t writing for this blog, I was able to design new products and put together some exciting collaborations, some of which are still yet to be released.

Looking forward, I think the coming year will be an exciting period of change. After leaving my position at Massdrop a few months ago, I’m currently investing some time into my own projects. I had a great time helping Massdrop grow and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish when I put that effort into my own ideas. We’ll see how it goes!

All in all, it’s been an exciting year to reflect on and I’m looking forward to discovering what comes next. Thanks to all of you that have read, commented, emailed, and waved when we crossed paths on the street – it doesn’t go unnoticed.