Better Bedding with Brooklinen

These days, I often find myself wanting to post an article but being unable to do so because I have no photo to go with it. Sometimes I need someone to take a picture of me, sometimes I can’t find the right spot to take the photo, and sometimes I just don’t know how to capture what I want to talk about. The latter is what has kept me from writing about Brooklinen, a “direct-to-consumer” company that’s making high-end bedding at a reasonable price. Since I’m tired of delaying this post just because I don’t have a good photo, I decided to go with this out-of-focus picture of my feet, taken from my comfy bed on a lazy Sunday morning. And the more I think about it, the more perfect this picture is for capturing my feelings towards these sheets – comfortable, casual, and cozy enough to keep me from getting out of bed and accomplishing things.

Now, writing about a company that makes bedding might seem a bit outside of the scope of this site; I will admit that it is something that I think about less frequently, but much like grooming products, fragrances, watches, and the like, it seems that interior design and the things that come with it are just a degree or two removed from what is usually discussed here. For that reason, I expect that many of my usual readers will find Brooklinen interesting as well (and don’t worry, I have a discount code for all of you at the end).

In short, Brooklinen is doing what we’ve seen many companies like Warby Parker, Gustin, Linjer and more do – go directly to the consumer with a high-end product, and in doing so offer it at an impressive price. Brooklinen makes their core sheets out of a 270 thread count cotton percale, composed of single-ply Egyptian cotton (they have since introduced a ‘luxe’ line of sateen cotton sheets, but I’m not familiar with those). I should note that their thread counts are “real” thread counts – apparently, many companies inflate this number by counting multiple-ply yarns (which are not as strong or as fine as single-ply) more than once. I believe the sheets are made in Jordan, and every order comes beautifully packed in a great box with a linen tote bag that’s made in Brooklyn (I use mine to carry groceries when I walk to the Farmer’s Market for the full hipster effect).

I ordered the hardcore set (which is made up of a set of sheets, 4 pillow cases, and a duvet cover) late last year and have been using it regularly. After a few months of “field testing,” I can confidently say that they’re the nicest sheets I’ve owned. Of course, this isn’t saying too much, as my bedding purchases have not been as well-informed as, say, my footwear and suit purchases. The sheets I’ve owned over the years have been run-of-the-mill options from places like Bed Bath & Beyond and the like, but I can say that for a similar price, Brooklinen is offering a lot more.

Now, I will say that that if I were to describe these sheets, the word ‘soft’ wouldn’t be the first word I’d use. Rather, I would call them ‘crisp’ – more “cool side of the pillow” than silky smooth. This seems to align with how Brooklinen defines the percale weave; they say that the fabric is known for the three C’s – cool, crisp, crinkly. They also mention that it gets softer with every wash. All of this definitely aligns with my experience. The sheets have softened over time, but have maintained an impressive amount of their initial crispness.

One of my favorite aspects of Brooklinen’s product line is the super simplistic product offering – the sheets are available in white and gray, and can either be striped, windowpane, or solid. All of the options are very handsome in a minimalistic sort of way, and would make mixing and matching a breeze. Brooklinen also carries comforters and some wonderful blankets from Pendleton, an Oregon company that is very dear to my heart.

Core sets of Brooklinen’s classic sheets start at $99, and the hardcore bundles start at $164. All told, I think these prices are very fair, given that most mass-market brands aren’t too far from that, and high-end sheets are typically much more. On top of that, my referral link will give you a code for $25 off of your first purchase. At that price, I think it’s a very compelling deal.

So if you’re like I was and have been using the same set of sheets since college, consider giving yourself an affordable upgrade with Brooklinen. I’m already planning on ordering another set, and fortunately I can do that from the comfort of the sheets I already own.

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