Product Review: Pierpont Leather ‘Otis’ Cardholder

One of the great things about current state of the internet is that just about anybody can sell things online. The catch is that with all these new makers out there, it can sometimes be hard to find the true craftsmen, the people that have serious skill beyond just the average crafty person. When you do find one of those people, though, it’s that much more exciting. And one of those people is Parker Pierpont. […]

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Years Later: Chester Mox Bifold

chester mox one year later review

Over the past year the rate at which I purchase new menswear has slowed significantly – in part because I’m trying to save money, but also because I have most of what I need. Because of this, I find myself getting lots of wear out of my favorite pieces. For that reason, I figured it would be a good time to resurrect my “One Year Later” series and highlight some of my favorite items that have aged well and are still available for others to purchase. […]

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Product Review: Linjer Soft Briefcase

linjer soft briefcase review

A while back I met some cool folks named Roman and Jenn that were working on launching a leather goods company called Linjer. I liked the angle their brand was going for and the designs of their products, so we stayed in touch. After I learned more about their products, I put together a post about their briefcase when their first campaign launched. […]

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A Closer Look: Linjer Leather Goods

As many of you know, this blog rarely focuses on the most expensive or least expensive items out there. There are other sites that write about the polar ends of the menswear spectrum; instead, I try to find products that provide the best value, and that is rarely present on the extreme ends of what […]

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Product Review: Chester Mox Wallet

I feel that there are many words in the menswear vernacular that are overused or used incorrectly; terms like “bespoke,” “tailored,” “hand-made” and others readily come to mind. There is one in particular that bugs me more than the others, and that’s the overuse of the word “artisanal.” In my mind, this word refers to […]

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Out & About: Tanner Goods Flagship Store

During my most recent trip to my home state I went in to Portland to visit some menswear companies that are distinctly “Pacific Northwest” – the area has a unique aesthetic, and Tanner Goods captures that as well as anyone else. While I was at the store I was able to chat with Colton Tong, […]

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