What I Wore Sunday – Casual & Collegiate

There’s something wonderful about spending time on a college campus in the fall, and it’s even more enjoyable without the weight of homework and exams hanging over one’s head. Over the weekend I took a short trip down the peninsula to my local Alma Mater to meet with good friends and spend some time on the campus again. These trips are always filled with nostalgia, and this time was no different. From a stylistic perspective, grad school was where I really began to learn about clothing and presenting myself well. Like everyone, I made some regrettable decisions, but overall I think I was able to dress in a put-together way without standing out too much. This outfit harkens back to those days.

My best days in college would find me wearing chinos (or denim, if the weather was cool enough), a patterned button-down shirt or solid polo, and loafers or sneakers. Add a messenger bag full of books and I was good to go. Nothing I wore at that time was particularly expensive, and it all got worn hard. These chinos in particular are saturated in nostalgia; they’re from Bonobos circa 2010, and the fit was exactly what I wanted; straight (not tapered) leg, but a slim thigh. Unfortunately, Bonobos’ cuts have changed and nothing to this effect has existed for a long time. For that reason, I’ve completely worn these things into the ground. They’re frayed, stained, and wrinkled, but I still love them.

As for the sweater – I know that hoodies are decidedly not #menswear, but I think they definitely have a place on the college campus. The trick is finding the right one. I sprung for this zip-front number to keep myself from looking too much like the frumpy freshman in the pull-over hoodie. I like wearing it open to show some shirt, and I made sure to size down to get something not to baggy or long.

For me, college style was about trying new things, learning what worked, and not caring too much once I left my room. After all, there’ s a lot more to do in college besides deciding what to wear.

Oh, and here’s hoping we can pull out a win on the biggest PAC-12 game of the year tonight. Go Card.

Shoes – Peal & Co. for BB (ebay) | Chinos – Bonobos | Shirt – Proper Cloth | Messenger Bag – Ernest Alexander | Belt – Equus Leather | Sweatshirt – Stanford Bookstore