Welcome to the New FStB.

When I started this blog over three years ago I chose to host it on Tumblr, because that’s where the action was. Tumblr’s #menswear tag was a beacon of light in the menswear world, and most of the best content was created there. Much of that still continues, albeit to a lesser degree – many of my favorite menswear blogs are still on Tumblr.

Since then, though, I’ve slowly realized that Tumblr’s “blogging lite” format is not ideal for what I want to do with this site. I want to write posts full of information and the occasional rambling diatribe, not just post pictures to be reblogged. I’ve found that my blog would be much better served in a format that is more oriented toward heavy content and not just images. For that reason, I’ve moved fromsqualortoballer.com off of Tumblr and onto WordPress.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you read my blog through the tumblr dashboard, nothing will really change. You’ll still see an image and title for each of my posts with a link to the full article, like before.
  • If you read my blog at fromsqualortoballer.com, your reading experience will be greatly improved. That’s about it.
  • Any links you used from my blog should automatically redirect to the new site, so there should be no problems.
  • All the original content will still be available at fromsqualortoballer.tumblr.com if you need to access it for some reason. That said, all the best content has been migrated to the new site so this shouldn’t be necessary.
  • The overall experience will be 1000x better. The platform will be much more robust, it will be easier to navigate through the content, the search bar will work really well, it will be easier to find my site on search engines, and much more.

Over the next couple of weeks there will still be some small tweaks, like migrating over all the original blog’s comments to the new site and so forth, but the bulk of the work is completed and everything should be working. If you see any bugs or errors, please let me know at fromsqualortoballer@gmail.com.

That’s everything! Thanks to NW for her help making this migration possible, and thanks to all of you for reading.