Urban Exploration – the Presidio

I find it very convenient (and surprising) that one of my favorite spots in the city still remains relatively unknown and very empty. San Francisco is a crowded place and it can be challenging to find a location that is both beautiful and tranquil within the city limits.

The Presidio is a strange place – for over 200 years it was an active military base until control of the area was transferred to the National Park Service in 1994. The area remains a surreal mixture of quaint neighborhoods, military compounds, wooded hilltops and scenic city vistas. It still boggles my mind that such a quiet piece of outdoor solitude can exist within a loud and active city. The smell of eucalyptus groves mixed with the views of the San Francisco skyline is a juxtaposition that I can’t get enough of.

OCBD – Gant Rugger | Jacket – Gant Rugger | Sweater – J. Crew | Belt – Equus Leather | Shades – Warby Parker | Sneakers – Tretorn Nylites | Messenger Bag – Ernest Alexander | Denim – Gustin (review coming soon)