A Trip Up North

Those of you that follow me on Instagram and twitter already know that I recently arrived in Eastern Canada. No, I’m farther east than Toronto. Yup, still past Nova Scotia. I’m talking waaaay east – like the farthest east you can possibly go on this continent. I’ll be here for the rest of the week and will be spending a good amount of my time outdoors, enjoying the cool air and beautiful landscape. For that reason, this isn’t much of a menswear-y trip; there’s no real reason for tailored clothing, nice shoes, or anything more sophisticated than denim and OCBDs.

Packing for this trip has made me realize two things: 1) I know nothing about Canada, and 2) I am not remotely prepared for even moderately cold weather. Of course, I rarely need to be, given San Francisco’s perpetual 65 degree climate, but it certainly would be nice to have better cold-weather clothing. This may not be an ideal list of what to bring on such a trip, but it’s what I have on hand.