Equus Leather “Scott” Belt

The newest addition to my collection of Equus belts – the “Scott” Oak Bark harness leather belt. It’s a rugged and handsome piece made to a unique set of criteria: withstand abuse from weather, use, and time, provide the strength to support tools, and look good while doing it. It has a rich mottled color similar to the Oak Brown belt I own, but in a much deeper hue that is difficult to photograph. The harness leather has a slightly more casual look and feel to it, possibly due to the high amounts of grease used in the tanning process (for added tensile strength) and the more rugged leather used. I’ve found that it’s an ideal belt for denim, as seen here. Charlie, the founder of Equus Leather, says he wears this belt almost every day and I can see why.

Bottom picture: Scott (left), Oak Brown (mid), and Australian Nut (right)

Thanks, Charlie!