South Korean Tailoring in San Francisco

South Korea wasn’t a place I associated with tailored clothing until a couple of years ago, and my curiosity has only increased in the time since then. Bespoke tailoring houses like B&Tailor and Vanni have been tempting me with beautiful pictures of their garments – very Italian-inspired pieces, always in tasteful fabrics with truly impeccable fits. […]

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Pleats and Thank You

trouser single pleats

I can’t think of any aspect of men’s clothing more widely criticized than pleats. There are many “influencers” out there that vehemently oppose pleats in every situation, acting as if they are some remnant of an era where no good style decisions were made. Heck, hating pleats has become a defacto stance for when a numbered list of points on “how to buy a suit” needs one more entry, it seems. […]

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A New Project

Britex recently had a 30% markdown on almost their entire stock, and I popped in to see if any new remnants had appeared on the 4th floor.  Although I didn’t end up taking home any of those, I did have a bit of luck downstairs. This deadstock wool flannel by Etro was already surprisingly inexpensive, and the sale […]

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