Product Review: Carlos Santos Jumper Boot in Brown Grain

carlos santos jumper boot brown grain

As I mentioned recently, my search for a good, versatile pair of boots and my curiosity over emerging footwear brand Carlos Santos recently collided. Carlos Santos has generated some excitement over their great pricepoint and attractive styles, and I put together a made-to-order run of boots through my good friends at A Fine Pair of Shoes. They were delivered about a month ago, so after a few weeks of wearing I figured it was time for a review. […]

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A Visit to Crockett & Jones on Jermyn St, London

crockett and jones jermyn st london

If I had to limit myself to footwear from only one region in the world, it would be Northampton in the UK without question. The British style of footwear appeals to me much more than their continental counterparts, and I find that they have a better breadth of styles – from formal to informal – than their American cousins. And if I had to limit myself to one brand from this region (what a horrible fate that would be), I would pick Crockett & Jones. […]

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Leather, Thread & Pegs – A Chat with Bootmaker DW Frommer

dw frommer bootmaker interview

Even though I consider myself fairly involved in the men’s clothing scene, I sometimes feel as if all the action is happening far away. Whether it’s trade shows in Florence, fashion week in New York, or textile mills in Japan, it often feels like my apartment is far removed from all the cool stuff. That briefly changed a few weeks ago, when I learned that one of the most well-known bootmakers in the United States lived in the same small town as my parents – sometimes you just get lucky, you know? I took the opportunity to stop by, learn a bit about the history of bootmaking, and see what goes into making a shoe by hand. […]

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Epaulet x Styleforum Sport Trainer Pre-Order

Epaulet Styleforum Massdrop Sport Trainer collab

Now that I’m back from my recent trip, I wanted to highlight a project I’ve been working on. As many of you know, I helped put together a project with Styleforum and Panta late last year for a made-to-order run of Panta’s popular ties. A similar event is up on Massdrop now, this time with the #menswear favorite Epaulet. […]

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A Tale of Two Cities

carmina barcelona paris

On my recent trip to Europe I was able to stop by not one, but TWO Carmina storefronts – one in Barcelona, the other in Paris. The Spanish footwear brand has exploded in popularity over the past few years, so I’ve been curious to see more of their product line in person for a while. The company has […]

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Save a Horse – Ride a Cow, Boy

Shell cordovan – the ever-popular material made from a horse’s rear – is exceptional stuff. It’s hard-wearing, has a wonderfully rich color, is naturally water-resistant and crease-resistant, and just looks damn good. It’s no wonder that the stuff is so popular among the shoe aficionados of the world. There are two major problems with shell, […]

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Buy Once, Cry Once

It seems that one of the favorite pastimes of menswear bloggers (myself included) is creating lists of “essentials.” It’s definitely a fun exercise, and helps you really think about what constitutes a necessary piece of clothing. For those types of items, I’ve found that it can be worth saving up a bit more to buy […]

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Season to Taste

I have often used this blog as a platform to complain about San Francisco’s mild weather; it does feel a bit cruel to do that while the rest of the country has had a winter of epic proportions, but it’s true that living in a place that is 65 degrees almost every day can become […]

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The Quest for the Most Versatile Shoe

Like many people that read this blog, one of my favorite pastimes is researching an item of clothing in search of the “perfect one” – the piece that will be the ultimate addition to my wardrobe. I do this in part because I try to keep my wardrobe relatively simple and utilitarian, but also because […]

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