What I Wore: London

What I Wore London

Strictly speaking, it was colder in Edinburgh than in London during my trip, but somehow it felt much colder here because the air was so damp. All the more reason to layer up and give these often ignored warm clothes some use! Overcoat – Eidos | Suit – Beckett & Robb | Shirt – Proper Cloth | […]

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Panta x Styleforum Tie Preorders Now Live

A quick update on my little project – like I mentioned previously, I’ve been working with Panta and styleforumnet to do a special run of Panta’s popular madder-patterned ties. The preorder is now live, and we’ve already sold over 200 ties. We have 5 swatches available, and are also offering two widths and two lengths. […]

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Mixing Work and Play

As many of you know, last year I took a role at an e-commerce company called Massdrop as the buyer for their Men’s Style vertical. For the most part, I try to keep that work and this blog separate, but given that they both have to do with learning about great clothing and accessories and […]

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