Product Review: MUJI 33L Suitcase


A couple of years ago I was having an email conversation with a few other blogger friends about packing for air travel. One guy was about to begin traveling extensively for work, and wanted to get our thoughts on how to do so effectively. Lots of good advice was shared (I still find myself re-reading the conversation every now and again), but there was one looming, unanswered question -is there a roller suitcase that is both functional and affordable without being horrendously unattractive? […]

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Packing Light and Dressing Right

travel light and stylish

There are many great guides on ultralight packing while traveling, but I find that they generally sacrifice style in the process. Sure, you can travel Europe for two weeks with only a pair of crosstrainers, a tshirt, and zip-off hiking pants, but that’s not the type of vacation that people on this blog dream about. Traveling light is great, but how can we do it without looking terrible? […]

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Meet the Parents

Packing for Hawaii

Every now and again I see an article or forum discussion outlining how to dress when meeting the parents of the person you’re dating. The answers are usually to wear something put-together enough to convey respect, but without being overly stuffy – something like an OCBD with a sweater and khakis, and maybe some suede chukkas to finish it off. […]

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A Trip to Europe


Apologies for the radio silence recently – I’ve been busy with a few things, but most notable is the fact that I’ve been out of the country for the last week. I plan on getting back to my regular posting schedule somewhat soon, but in the meantime here’s what I brought with me: Navy flannel […]

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Sonoma Getaway

Headed to wine country for the weekend. Here’s what I’m bringing: Linen blend sportcoat Cotton/linen spread collar shirt Chambray shirt White and off-white chinos (because I’ll probably spill wine on one pair) Swim trunks Penny loafers Sneakers A nice belt Heather gray pocket tee Sunglasses A dopp kit with the essentials Now I just need to throw […]

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Packing For a Summer Wedding

Wedding season is here again – here’s what I’m planning on bringing this time around. First stop – off to Ann Arbor, Michigan! Gray wool fresco suit Linen blend sportcoat White spread collar shirt Cotton/linen spread collar shirt Chambray shirt Madras shirt Breton White and khaki chinos Some nice ties Black captoes Penny loafers Sneakers […]

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Packing for a Thanksgiving Weekend Trip

I’ll be out for a couple of days visiting family over the long weekend. Here’s what I stuffed in my overnight bag: Oxford and chambray shirts Shetland sweater Raw denim Cotton trousers M65 jacket Unlined suede bluchers Shell cordovan wingtips Cashmere scarf A good leather belt Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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A Trip Up North

Those of you that follow me on Instagram and twitter already know that I recently arrived in Eastern Canada. No, I’m farther east than Toronto. Yup, still past Nova Scotia. I’m talking waaaay east – like the farthest east you can possibly go on this continent. I’ll be here for the rest of the week and […]

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A Trip East

One of the most challenging aspects of packing for me is dealing with tailored clothing – it takes up a lot of space, doesn’t respond that well to folding, and, as much as I love wearing it, can be a hassle during a trip. For that reason, I’m trying something new for this trip and […]

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