Epaulet x Styleforum Sport Trainer Pre-Order

Epaulet Styleforum Massdrop Sport Trainer collab

Now that I’m back from my recent trip, I wanted to highlight a project I’ve been working on. As many of you know, I helped put together a project with Styleforum and Panta late last year for a made-to-order run of Panta’s popular ties. A similar event is up on Massdrop now, this time with the #menswear favorite Epaulet. […]

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Panta x Styleforum Tie Preorders Now Live

A quick update on my little project – like I mentioned previously, I’ve been working with Panta and styleforumnet to do a special run of Panta’s popular madder-patterned ties. The preorder is now live, and we’ve already sold over 200 ties. We have 5 swatches available, and are also offering two widths and two lengths. […]

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Mixing Work and Play

As many of you know, last year I took a role at an e-commerce company called Massdrop as the buyer for their Men’s Style vertical. For the most part, I try to keep that work and this blog separate, but given that they both have to do with learning about great clothing and accessories and […]

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