The Two-Season Wardrobe: How to Wear It

menswear wardrobe essentials

After my recent post on my two-season wardrobe essentials, I thought I would write a follow-up with how I typically wear these pieces. None of this is particularly groundbreaking as all of these items are very common and versatile, but I suppose that’s why I consider them my essentials. Like I mentioned then, the idea here is that I have a warm- and cool-weather version of each piece, which gives me enough versatility to wear this “uniform” throughout the year. […]

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Item Roundup: the M-65 Jacket

Outerwear has always been a bit of a sartorial struggle for me; with tailored clothing, there are enough guidelines and principles at play that I can generally feel confident in my direction. With outerwear, the field is a bit more open, as there is more room for experimentation and less stringent rules for proper fit. […]

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