It’s On Sale: My Stuff

Update: prices have been dropped. I’m doing a bit of closet cleaning, so if you’re a similar size to me you may be in luck! Current shop items include two awesome Suitsupply sportcoats, as well as shoes from Alden and Epaulet. There may be more to come, so if you know we’re similar sizes and […]

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24 Hours in Vegas

It’s no secret that I hate Las Vegas – anyone that spends time with me or reads this blog often enough has surely heard me complain about that. For as strongly as I feel about it, though, I sure do end up there a lot. I used to go there for work as an engineer, and […]

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Los Angeles Getaway

packing for Los Angeles

Looking back at what I wrote in 2016, I noticed something interesting – although I traveled more last year than any previous year (1-2 roundtrip flights per month), I only posted one packing laydown. I suppose the constant packing and unpacking left me uninterested in adding any additional steps to the process. Either way, I […]

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Epaulet x Styleforum Sport Trainer Pre-Order

Epaulet Styleforum Massdrop Sport Trainer collab

Now that I’m back from my recent trip, I wanted to highlight a project I’ve been working on. As many of you know, I helped put together a project with Styleforum and Panta late last year for a made-to-order run of Panta’s popular ties. A similar event is up on Massdrop now, this time with the #menswear favorite Epaulet. […]

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Chinos for Spring and Summer

Like I mentioned in my “Spring Selections” post, chinos are a great item to have on hand when the weather starts to warm up (and they’re much more affordable than loafers, too). Like many other popular men’s garments, chinos have a military background but have become immensely popular with civilians over the decades. They offer a casual […]

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Business Casual Basics, Part II: Dress Pants 

After some positive feedback from my first business casual post (I see you, Reddit) I’ve decided to continue the series for my fellow white collar ballers (being a baller is not actually required). Again, this may be old hat to some, but for those that are interested – read on. 1. Please stop buying black […]

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