The Two-Season Wardrobe: How to Wear It

menswear wardrobe essentials

After my recent post on my two-season wardrobe essentials, I thought I would write a follow-up with how I typically wear these pieces. None of this is particularly groundbreaking as all of these items are very common and versatile, but I suppose that’s why I consider them my essentials. Like I mentioned then, the idea here is that I have a warm- and cool-weather version of each piece, which gives me enough versatility to wear this “uniform” throughout the year. […]

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Labor Day and The Fight for White

white after labor day

I love rules. My brain seems to do well with the order and reason they provide, and as a result of such they often shape the activities in my life. The laws of mathematics led me to study physics, which in turn led me to engineering. In the same way, I became obsessed with the the rigidity of music theory and that interest led me to jazz music, where I learned how to apply and break those very rules. And, unsurprisingly, the rules of classic tailored clothing is exactly what got me interested in menswear in the first place. With that said, though, there is one thing that any good rule needs – a good reason for existing in the first place. […]

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Military Issue

There’s something about this mild weather we’ve had in SF recently that makes me gravitate towards a few central pieces of my wardrobe; pieces that don’t have any strong seasonal connotations, and are easy to grab for when the weather isn’t too warm or too cold (i.e. most days in San Francisco). I also noticed […]

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Chinos for Spring and Summer

Like I mentioned in my “Spring Selections” post, chinos are a great item to have on hand when the weather starts to warm up (and they’re much more affordable than loafers, too). Like many other popular men’s garments, chinos have a military background but have become immensely popular with civilians over the decades. They offer a casual […]

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