A Tale of Two Cities

carmina barcelona paris

On my recent trip to Europe I was able to stop by not one, but TWO Carmina storefronts – one in Barcelona, the other in Paris. The Spanish footwear brand has exploded in popularity over the past few years, so I’ve been curious to see more of their product line in person for a while. The company has […]

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Pre-Winter Wonderland

eidos overcoat carmina jumper boots apc denim

It’s not often that I get to spend time in sub-zero climates, but a serious cold snap during my visit to Central Oregon allowed me to bust out some of my favorite winter weather gear. The star is this overcoat from Eidos – I bought it last February, the day before I left for a work trip to Chicago. I’m pretty sure it saved my life on that trip; I have no idea how I would have made it through that week without it […]

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Item Roundup: Chukka Boots

The leaves are starting to change colors (or so I’m told), everyone’s talking about pumpkin spice lattes, and the dollar is gaining ground on the euro. When put together, these signs can only mean one thing – it’s time to grab some autumnal footwear. The chukka boot is an incredibly versatile shoe and is perfectly […]

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The In-Between Wardrobe, Part II: Shoes

The “In-Between Wardrobe” is a series of articles aimed at helping men find items that will play a versatile role in their closet. It is written with the idea that most men don’t wear extremely formal or casual clothing on a regular basis; they usually need items that are somewhere in the middle. See all […]

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Loafers for Spring and Summer

After recently writing an article on my favorite spring items, I decided to delve in to a few specific pieces that are worthy of their own conversation. One of these items is the loafer, which can be an attractive and versatile addition to any shoe wardrobe. I generally wear loafers as a replacement for sneakers, when […]

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It’s (kind of) on Sale: Carmina Shoes

Carmina, the small Spanish shoe company that has been making big waves in the menswear world, has risen to prominence in an impressive fashion over the past few years. In a landscape dominated by England and Italy, Carmina has shown that Spain is a major contender in the world of fine footwear, and did so […]

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Business Casual Basics, Part III: Shoes


Previously: Part I, Part II. This is the third installment for my fellow white collar ballers. If you’ve spent any time learning about men’s clothing (be it from family, friends, or the internet) you’ve probably heard a disproportional amount of talk about shoes. Shoes are a huge part of what dressing well is about (both […]

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