The Two-Season Wardrobe: How to Wear It

menswear wardrobe essentials

After my recent post on my two-season wardrobe essentials, I thought I would write a follow-up with how I typically wear these pieces. None of this is particularly groundbreaking as all of these items are very common and versatile, but I suppose that’s why I consider them my essentials. Like I mentioned then, the idea here is that I have a warm- and cool-weather version of each piece, which gives me enough versatility to wear this “uniform” throughout the year. […]

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West Coast Winter

WIWT - Alden, 3Sixteen, Gant, Oliver Peoples

After traveling to the colder climes of New York and Chicago in the past month, it’s good to be back in San Francisco, where all one needs is a light jacket – no matter what month it is. M-65 Jacket – Gant Rugger | Madras Shirt – Proper Cloth | Shoes – Alden Unlined PTBs | […]

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Out & About: Tanner Goods Flagship Store

During my most recent trip to my home state I went in to Portland to visit some menswear companies that are distinctly “Pacific Northwest” – the area has a unique aesthetic, and Tanner Goods captures that as well as anyone else. While I was at the store I was able to chat with Colton Tong, […]

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Fall Favorites – 10 of my Go-To Autumn Items

It’s been difficult for me to start thinking about fall because San Francisco is just now leaving its second winter (“Fogust”) and things are finally getting warm here. Nonetheless, most of us are entering a period of sartorial transition by slowly trading in linens and loafers for tweed and suede. To me, Autumn is about […]

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Business Casual Basics, Part II: Dress Pants 

After some positive feedback from my first business casual post (I see you, Reddit) I’ve decided to continue the series for my fellow white collar ballers (being a baller is not actually required). Again, this may be old hat to some, but for those that are interested – read on. 1. Please stop buying black […]

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