Styleforum Spotlight – Greg Lellouche and No Man Walks Alone

One of the most anticipated vendors in the Styleforum Trunk Show last month was No Man Walks Alone, the new online men’s store recently founded by Greg Lellouche. I had the pleasure of chatting with Greg that afternoon, and talked to him about his store, his products, and his own sense of style.

Styleforum fans will know Greg as the esteemed GDL203; He has been a prominent figure there for many years, but also credits the styleforum crew with helping advance his own style. “I joined styleforum at a reasonably late stage compared to some of the young members here,” he explains.  “I was already a working professional in my thirties, having worked in finance for years and therefore being quite accustomed to wearing suits and ties. My taste clearly evolved quite a bit while exposed to the style and choices of great dressers on styleforum and by getting acquainted with different makers and products. For instance – without styleforum, I wouldn’t have traveled the road to explore bespoke options. Now that I have, I can see clearly the benefits and drawbacks of each and wear both ready-to-wear and custom.“


One aspect of Greg’s style that is surprisingly unique is his interest in both traditional men’s clothing and edgier “streetwear” garments. Most men align themsleves with one camp or the other (as seen in the “Great Schizm” of styleforum), but Greg promotes a more holistic approach. “I feel that we should embrace the opportunities to experiment a bit more, to discover interesting designers, fabrics, patterns, silhouettes,“ he says. “I have for years felt that part of my ‘mission’ was to bridge the gap that exists between classic menswear and the more contemporary fashion – something that goes both ways, by the way.”

This approach to menswear can be seen in the items available in Greg’s e-store, where classic brands like Alfred Sargent and Drake’s sit next to streetwear favorites like Buttero sneakers and sweaters from EO TO TO. It’s an eclectic-seeming mixture of items, but with the common thread of high quality and good taste.

I also had the opportunity to chat with Greg about some his favorite items in the store, and how he came about finding them. Some brands are well-known in the menswear circle, but many are quite unfamiliar and can’t be found at any other retailer in the United States. For instance, I was enamored with the suits from Sartoria Formosa; they come from a bespoke tailoring house in Naples, and represent the company’s first and only foray into ready-to-wear clothing. They are made to the same standards as the bespoke commissions, expressly for No Man Walks Alone. They are incredibly attractive garments, and it should come as no surprise that they have been a big hit thus far.

Greg has also been busy working to bring as many customization options as possible to his clients. Made-to-order options have been available for Vass shoes and Inis Meain sweaters, to name a few, and Sartoria Formaosa was just in New York City taking bespoke orders for No Man Walks Alone clients.

All told, Greg and his team have done a wonderful job of tracking down unique and attractive items for the store. I’m glad that I was able to see them in person, since so many of their wares have intricate details and luxurious materials that can’t be easily portrayed in photographs.The items are not inexpensive, but they are definitely the type of pieces that would be a crowning item in any wardrobe. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Greg brings in to his store for “men of contrast & character,” and I encourage everyone to take a look through his items as well.

I’d like to thank Greg for taking the time to answer my incessant questions and congratulate him on the launch of his wonderful store. More photos from the Styleforum trunk show can be seen below.

Vass shoes

Talarico umbrella

Sartoria formosa flannel suit – some absolutely incredible fabric here.

Dents England gloves – perhaps the softest things I have ever felt. The rabbit fur ones were so incredible that “after feeling these, cashmere-lined gloves feel like sandpaper,” according to Greg. I’d be inclined to agree.

Sweaters galore

Casentino wool by LBM 1911