Season to Taste

I have often used this blog as a platform to complain about San Francisco’s mild weather; it does feel a bit cruel to do that while the rest of the country has had a winter of epic proportions, but it’s true that living in a place that is 65 degrees almost every day can become a bit maddening. The need for a seasonal wardrobe is very minimal here (although some pretend otherwise), which is too bad since that is one of the best parts of pursuing clothing as a hobby. I suppose this has allowed me to focus more on building up a wardrobe of versatile basics, but now that I have the essentials covered I’ve been looking toward investing in some seasonal items (regardless of what the weather has to say about it).

In anticipation of the warmer weather ahead, I picked up a pair of these penny loafers from Alden to add to my suede army. Much like my Alden plain toe bluchers, these loafers are unlined and built on the oil-soaked flex welt sole. These two factors make the shoes extremely comfortable right out of the box, and perfect for casual warm-weather adventures.

Of course, there are plenty of other places to look for such an item – for instance, Rancourt, Carmina, and Meermin all have their own take on seasonal loafers, each with their own style and use case. For me though, the Aldens resonated with the grumpy old man inside of me, so the decision was easy.

That said, their seasonal style, color, and material keep them from being as versatile as most of my collection, but that’s part of what makes them so fun. After all, if the weather’s going to be the same all year then I might as well wear something to remind me of what month it is.

What seasonal items are you looking forward to wearing soon?