Sew Many Buttons

horn buttons britex eidos

My recent upgrade to a new and improved blogging platform has been great in many ways, but one of them was rather unexpected. In flipping all my articles over to a new site, I was forced to revisit all of my old content – this trip down memory lane was quite fun, and reminded me of how much I’ve changed and how much I’ve written.

It also reminded me of some cool projects I’ve undertaken over the past 3.5 years; for instance, this button swap project was one of the first long-form editorials I posted on my blog, and features a piece that I still enjoy wearing today. Looking back through those pictures made me want to undertake a similar project again, so I made another trip to the third floor of Britex to see what buttons would inspire me.

The recent cool weather has allowed me to get more wear out of the Eidos overcoat that I featured recently, and I decided that it would be my next subject for a button upgrade. I ended up leaving with the same color of red-brown buttons that I used on my Mac coat three years ago and look forward to seeing the final product. I think the rich amber of the buttons looks great against the orange and red flecks in the Molloy & Sons donegal, personally.

One decision that arose for this project was choosing the number of buttons to put on the sleeve; Eidos jackets come with unfinished sleeves, so the button layout is completely up to the buyer. I was originally going to go with three, but since the smallest buttons in this color were slightly larger than standard sleeve buttons I decided to go with one. It’s a unique choice and who knows how well it will turn out, but fortunately I’m not the only one that thinks one buttons cuffs could be interesting. Not only that, but it’s a few buck cheaper, so I guess I can treat myself to a nice warm drink in my newly re-buttoned jacket, guilt-free.

How many buttons do you guys put on your sleeves?