May 16, 2013

Anonymous said: Notice you have at least a couple suits from Thick as Thieves. I've been wavering over whether to do the online MTM thing. I'm ready to take the leap (and happen also to be trying to dress well, or at least not miserably and within my means, in the Bay Area). The photos you've posted of your PoW suit are fetching and I wonder what suit format--house or traditional--you chose. Any other specifics you might share in ordering from Jason? My thanks--Dan

I’ve been grappling with whether or not to post anything about my Thick as Thieves suits. Here’s the jist of it: I own two Thick as Thieves suits from a couple years ago (one was a gift, one was my own purchase). I have mixed feelings about them. I would hesitate to recommend them to most people.

Both of my suits needed extensive alterations after I got them. This isn’t unexpected at all but it can be frustrating if you’re really buying into the “made-to-measure = perfect” idea, which is most definitely not true (that goes for all MTM companies, not just this one). At the end of the day, though, I think suits are just too complicated to be a blind MTM item. Shirts? Sure. Suits, however, are just too involved to be relayed over emails and online forms. After alterations my suits were OK but they lacked a real “silhouette;” I spent hours perfecting all my measurements (like a true engineer, I took a series of measurements from different sources, and continued taking them until they all had a standard deviation of less than .25”) but when I actually wore my suit it seemed to be missing a cohesiveness that comes from looking at the product as a whole, not just examining a couple dozen measurements. Again, this is a risk for all blind MTM and not just Thick as Thieves.

I did like that I was able to work with Jason directly, giving the process a human element. However, he is a busy guy and I could tell that he was not as invested in my suit as I was. I was also disappointed with some of the fabric. For instance, my midnight navy mohair suit was a vast improvement on my first and overall I think it turned out pretty well. However, I began to notice that after not too long it began to look like it was covered in cat hair or something. Since I don’t own a cat I took a closer look and was saddened to see that the fibers were coming out of the fabric itself – it was dissolving before my eyes.

If you are a hard size to fit (preferably small, since that would fit into Thick as Thieves’ aesthetic) and like the styling that the suits come with (cropped, narrow lapels, etc) then it could be a good option, especially if you get measured in person. If you’re just looking for a reasonably priced suit and are being lured by the promise of “perfection” and “customization” then I would pass. If I were going to buy a $450-500 suit tomorrow I would buy Suitsupply without hesitation. Hopefully that helps. I don’t like being negative about products but that was my experience. I don’t have anything against Jason or what he’s doing, but his product isn’t really for me.

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