February 7, 2013


StyleForum San Francisco Meetup, 2/6/13

I hopped over to the city (San Francisco, not New York) today after work for the first StyleForum meetup of 2013. It was a lot of fun, and the space in which it was held, Wingtip’s club rooms (Ian, of fromsqualortoballer fame, wrote a great piece on the location’s history here), was an amazing sight to behold: architecturally, menswearily, and baller-ass accoutrement-arily (think Dormeuil suiting fabric and Johnston’s of Elgin tweed upholstered chairs).

Special thanks to Ami of Wingtip (top left) for generously hosting this event, and to Gus for organizing it. Ami gave tours of the club’s various rooms in progress (a tweed room, a rotating Bill’s Khakis-dressed room—corduroy in the fall, seersucker and madras in the summer, a leather room, a cigar room with a hidden swiveling wall, to name but a few…) and I must say that I have no doubt the digs will be a true sight to behold once they’re up and running. I’m looking forward to going back and checking out the retail store and the MTM suiting vault in the historic Bank of Italy building’s basement which is managed by Erik Gavrilor, with whom I had a great talk tonight about the thrill of mixing colors, patterns, and textures, and repurposing women’s accessories for some solid menswear game.  

It was great to see the private club level of Wingtip and even more great to spend time with the people in it. Ami has created a wonderful social space at Wingitp and it was very kind of him to open it up to a handful of rowdy Styleforum-ers. More info on the Wingtip Club can be found here.

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