P. Johnson Tailors in San Francisco

Over the past year or so, it seems that San Francisco has become a destination for many popular custom clothing companies – Steed visits SF regularly now, as does Ring Jacket, and Ambrosi and St. Crispins now stop by as well. The newest addition to that growing list is P. Johnson Tailors, the popular custom tailor out Australia known for their casual, comfortable aesthetic, lightweight construction, and approachable pricing. PJT is in town until 7pm today, and will be visiting every 2 months from here on out. It’s an exciting time to be a menswear enthusiast in San Francisco, that’s for sure.

I stopped by yesterday to chat with Remy and watch him fit my friend Jacob for his wedding tuxedo. This gave me an opportunity to learn a bit more about what PJT is about, their process, and pricing. Most of my knowledge of PJT comes from photos of their most famous clients, so it was nice to learn a bit more about the inner workings of the company. First, PJT’s tailored clothing is divided into three tiers; the first two are made in their Rome workshop, the only difference being the level of handwork (the “Roma” line has handsewn sleeveheads, buttonholes, pickstichting, and the like, whereas the “Classic” line is machine stitched). The “Napoli” line is a serious upgrade with a serious price hike as well, and is made in a different workshop with a completely handmade construction, paper patterns, and a higher degree of customization. This line is much more comparable to the classic “bespoke” process. All three tiers are by appointment only and involve two fittings. PJT also makes custom shirts and has a wide array of ties, polos, swim trunks, and so forth.

Prices for suits start at around $1250 and go up from there depending on fabric and construction options. It’s worth noting that tax is already included in all of PJT’s pricing, so there’s no cruel 10% hike at the end of the transaction. All told, I think PJT is offering something special and I look forward to becoming more familiar with the company as they become a regular visitor to San Francisco. If you want to book an appointment today or during their next visit, contact Remy at rg@pjt.com.

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