Twelve Ties

After posting a picture of my Kent Wang knit tie last week I got some questions about the rest of my tie collection, since I boldly claimed to only have a dozen. Here they are.

I will make no claims that this is some ultimate “essential tie wardrobe” and that it is something to aspire to; unlike the rest of my wardrobe, my tie collection is much less planned out and has grown organically over the years. However, I do my best to keep the ties in this dozen versatile and simple. I don’t have many because I don’t need many. I have upgraded several of the ties in this collection and will continue to do so when the price is right; I find that a “one in, one out” policy helps me keep my purchases focused and productive.

I use the top four the most often for casual everyday wear, and the middle row for when I want to feel a bit more dressed up. The bottom four are seasonal or event-oriented and get worn only occasionally.

In the future, here’s what I might add:

  • solid brown knit or grenadine
  • solid grey wool/cashmere tie
  • replace the navy/white stripe with something similar but wider and of higher quality
  • Some solid navy tie (twill, wool, or something)
  • gray or brown Prince of Wales or houndstooth check

…but I’m in no hurry. This works just fine for now.

Want to get all the product details? Read on.


  • Kent Wang silk bicolor knit, 2.75″
  • Ralph Lauren Purple Label silk knit, 2.75″
  • Brooks Brothers Makers silk knit, 3″
  • Ivy Prepster cotton knit, 2.5″



  • The Tie Bar wool/silk stripe, 3″
  • Vintage Gant viyella tartan, 3.25″
  • J. Crew cotton madras, 2.5″ (yikes!)
  • Tie Tie Bar silk bow tie, 1.5″