November in Paris

While I was in Paris last week I decided to bust out this “new” suit – it’s something I commissioned from Beckett & Robb about a year ago, but due to some delays and errors from the factory I didn’t receive it until the summer. Now that the weather is finally getting cooler I’m hoping I’ll have more chances to wear it!

I designed this suit as my version of the famed “BlazerSuit” that is often discussed on Styleforum. In other words, it’s a suit that is meant to be somewhat convertible into a sole blazer. By using brown horn buttons and a mid-weight nailhead flannel, I basically put together the Fall/Winter version of my ideal navy blazer (also from Beckett & Robb) and added trousers. An ideal suit for traveling, if you ask me.

Suit – Beckett & Robb | Shirt – Proper Cloth | Tie – Conrad Wu | Pocket Square – Kent Wang | Shoes – Allen Edmonds