Men’s Clothing, Accessories, and Services in San Francisco and Beyond

Most of the questions my fellow bloggers and I seem to receive are inquiries for local information – the best stores, best tailors, and so on. These are reasonable questions, to be sure, but it can be difficult to answer them all. For that reason, I’ve compiled this super cool interactive map that should help everyone out, whether you’re just in town for the afternoon or you’re a seasoned local looking for a new place to get a haircut.

I will do my best to keep this map updated and accurate, but understand that stores open, close, and move all the time. And although I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible, I have undoubtedly missed places worth mentioning. For that reason, I encourage everyone to add their suggestions, additions, and corrections in the comments below.

Anyway, here it is (if you’re reading this on tumblr, you’ll have to click the little gray box to see the map; if you’re on tumblr mobile, you’re probably out of luck). There’s a lot of information crammed in this map, so hit the “full screen” icon on the top right to be taken to the original size. Also, the icon on the top left will expand the list of pins so you can see them all.

The map is divided into three layers – clothing and accessories, barbers, and alteration tailors. I included websites, addresses and a brief description of the establishment in each pin. There’s a lot of information to digest, so I’ve copied it all below as well.

Clothing & Accessories: 

AB Fits: 1519 Grant Ave, San Francisco. One of the oldest and most well-respected denim stores in San Francisco.

Allen Edmonds: 310 Sutter St, San Francisco. The everyman’s American shoe store. Friendly staff and good selection.

Barney’s New York: 77 O’Farrell St, San Francisco. Great selection of tailored clothing, shoes, and other hard-to-find brands.

Beckett & Robb: One Embarcadero Center, street level, San Francisco. Made-to-measure tailored clothing from Spain and Portugal. Tell them Ian sent you.

Britex Fabrics: 146 Geary St, San Francisco. Buttons, fabric, and more. For the do-it-yourself gentleman.

Brooks Brothers: 240 Post St, San Francisco. An American classic.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece: 2223 Fillmore St, San Francisco. Brooks Brother’s more contemporary line of clothing, designed by Thom Browne.

Burberry: 225 Post St, San Francisco. The iconic british luxury brand lives here. The selection of trench coats varies significantly depending on the season.

Cable Car Clothiers: 110 Sutter St, San Francisco. 75 years of classic men’s clothing. Lots of trad items and british goods. Jon is a great guy, as well.

Club Monaco: 865 Market, St San Francisco. Similar aesthitically to J. Crew, and in the same mall. Good outerwear and chinos.

Couture Men’s Clothing: 395 Sutter St, San Francisco. A small men’s boutique full of Italian brands like L.B.M. 1911.

Gant Rugger: 552 Hayes St, San Francisco. Small store, but well stocked with Rugger and Gant by Michael Bastian.

Ghurka: 245 Post St, San Francisco. A highly celebrated leather goods store, new to the Bay Area.

Goorin Bros: 1612 Stockton St, San Francisco. Hats. All of the hats. They also have a small store near Union Square.

Gustin HQ: Mint Plaza, San Francisco. By appointment only. Here’s where you can check out Gustin’s wares in person.

Hermes: 125 Grant Ave, San Francisco. The megaluxe French brand lives here. Not for the frugal among us.

J. Crew: 845 Market St, San Francisco. This J. Crew has the full selection of tailored clothing, as well as some of their nice third-party brands like Alfred Sargent.

Jeremy’s: 2 S Park Ave, San Francisco. This is where a lot of discounted merchandise ends up – samples, customer returns, damaged items, and the like. Keep an eye out for diamonds in the rough.

Khaki’s of Carmel: Ocean Ave, Carmel. I dubbed this place the “menswear Mecca,” and I stand by it. Incredible clothes from incredible brands. The private label stuff is amazing, too.

Levi’s Flagship: 815 Market Street, San Francisco. This is the new location of the SF Levi’s flagship. One of the biggest Levi’s stores in the world, with all their different lines and even a custom program.

Livermore Premium Outlets: 2774 Livermore Outlets Drive, Livermore. Your standard selection of outlet stores with a few luxe additions like Cucinelli and others.

Loro Piana: 212 Stockton St, San Francisco. The San Francisco outpost for the luxury label with famous fabric.

Nieman Marcus: 150 Stockton St, San Francisco. The whole lower level is devoted to men’s clothing. All the high end labels you’ve come to know, at the prices you’d expect.

Nordstrom: 865 Market St, San Francisco. Mid-range department store with good seasonal sales.

Oliver Peoples: 140 Grant Ave, San Francisco. A great selection of eyewear from an iconic brand.

Ralph Lauren: 2040 Fillmore St, San Francisco. The downtown branch of this menswear behemoth has closed, but this one is still open.

Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store: 220 Post St, San Francisco. Several floors of men’s clothing, in between the prices of Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus.

Self Edge: 714 Valencia St, San Francisco. A fantastic denim and workwear store. Great selection of high end denim and also a great place for denim repair.

Spoon Tailor: 716 Sacramento St, San Francisco. The dark horse cantidate for custom tailored clothing in San Francisco. Multiple fittings, great fabrics, and Andrew is a very helpful guy.

Standard & Strange: 484A 49th St, Oakland. A great selection of workwear in Oakland’s Temescal Alley.

Stanford Shopping Center: 660 Stanford Shopping Ctr, Palo Alto. A great high-end mall featuring Nieman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, and many more.

Taylor Stitch: 383 Valencia St, San Francisco. Another San Francisco original churning out well-made casual clothing.

The Alden Store: 170 Sutter St, San Francisco. The best American-made shoes around. Worth taking a look at, whether or not your wallet can handle it.

Unionmade: 493 Sanchez St, San Francisco. A must-see for the workwear-inclined. Brands like Alden, Filson, Gant, Tellason and more are all present here.

Uniqlo: 111 Powell St, San Francisco. This affordable Japanese brand is a great source for inexpensive basics.

Welcome Stranger: 460 Gough St, San Francisco. A Hayes Valley original with lots of raw denim and other workwear-esqe items.

Wilkes Bashford: 375 Sutter St, San Francisco. Similar in price to Nieman Marcus, but with a different spread of brands. Lots of beautiful high-end clothing and shoes. A San Francisco staple.

Wingtip: 550 Montgomery St, San Francisco. An eclectic mix of products, with a custom studio downstairs and a private club upstairs. Stop by to look at the architecture, if nothing else.


JA Razor Club: 152 Geary St, 2nd Floor, San Francisco. Haircuts, shaves, manicures, shoe shines, drinks. A luxurious treat.

Joe at Wingtip: 550 Montgomery St, San Francisco. Joe is a great guy and great barber, and he’s recommended by Jesse Thorn – there you have it.

JP Kempt: 351 Divisadero St, San Francisco. Founded by Shorty Maniace, the father of the modern barbering-as-an-art-form renaissance.

Nicky at Cable Car: 110 Sutter St, San Francisco. Old school cuts and razor shaves.

Sal at 1512 Barbershop: 1512 Pine St, San Francisco. Sal is a third generation barber (and distiller). Fantastic guy, exceptional haircuts. My favorite by far.

Virgil at Virgil’s Hair Cutting Studio: 616 Polk St, San Francisco. The budget option. 80% as good as the best, at 20% of the cost.


Advanced European Tailoring: 1919 Addison St, Berkeley. A popular East Bay choice. Highly recommended by Jason of Broke & Bespoke fame.

Andreas Gorges Tailoring: 211 Sutter St, San Francisco. A popular SF choice, but expensive and notoriously behind schedule.

Diaz Brothers: 870 Market St, San Francisco. Another popular San Francisco choice. Reasonably priced, cash only.

Ernesto’s: 870 Market St, San Francisco. Now run by a woman named Oyuna, who I’ve been very impressed with. Fast, skilled, and my personal go-to. Cash only.

Jacquie’s Sew & Sew: 847 Emerson St, Palo Alto. I used to go here back when I was a student at Stanford. That was a while ago, but I was always pleased.

Oxford Tailor: 166 Geary St, San Francisco. A skilled tailor, but you’ll pay for it. Turnaround time is slow. A good source for complex jobs on expensive pieces.

Uni-Tailor: 2013 University Ave, Ste B, Berkeley Affordable and highly recommended.Recommended by Edwin Zee.

Many thanks to abitofcolor, dieworkwearjacobbockelmann, brokeandbespoke, and edwinzee for their help with this post.