Indian Summers and Fall Stock: A Visit to Khaki’s of Carmel 

Last month I took a quick trip down to Khaki’s of Carmel with my good friend (and resurrected blogger) Gus. I’ve visited (and written about) Khakis on several occasions, but all of my previous trips were in the Spring; I took this opportunity to stop in at one of my favorite stores during the transition to the cooler months (in theory, that is – it was 75 degrees here yesterday).

The roster of impressive brands represented at Khakis seems to have grown substantially, even since my last visit. For instance, the selection of ties now includes Drake’s, Bigi Cravatte, Luciano Barbera, E. Marinella and more, which accounts for almost every celebrated tiemaker that I’ve ever heard of. The same goes for shoes, shirts, and suits; each category is completely loaded with incredible brands.

Anyway, since I’ve covered this store in detail before I won’t launch into the whole spiel again; instead, enjoy these photos of some new stock that caught my eye.

Rubinacci “VIilla Lucia” pocket square

Bigi, Drake’s, Barbera, Marinella, and more. 

Drake’s wool/silk pocket square

Gus wearing the new Ring Jacket alpaca sportcoat, one of two colors

Edward Greens

Boglioli soft tweed

Gus’ Edward Greens from Khaki’s

Ring Jacket’s celebrated “creamy waffle” fabric

Gus, myself, and Jim Ockert (owner of Khaki’s)