Product Review: Kent Wang Bicolor Knit Tie

I love knit ties. I wear a tie several times per week, and when I grab one from my closet I almost always end up reaching for a knit. In my opinion, their informal nature makes them that much easier to wear in a business casual setting. I have four knit ties, which isn’t a huge number, but given that my whole collection sits at around a dozen it’s a noteworthy amount.

I got this bicolor knit a while back from Kent Wang, the famous internet haberdasher. His web store is full of items that are smart and simple, and I thoroughly enjoy the aesthetic that he creates with his products.

The tie is 2.75″ wide (a good width for a knit) and is made of pure silk in Italy. It’s not as crunchy as my RLPL knit (seen here), but it has a good thickness and doesn’t feel as machined and sock-like as some of my more inexpensive ones. The iridescence created by the dual thread colors is hard to describe; the colors shift dominance depending on the viewer’s angle, which gives the tie some visual interest without becoming too loud. Although the tie is available in other color pairings, I think this one is ideal because both hues are so easy to wear.

It’s worth noting that the Kent’s ties are on the long side, measuring around 59″. This makes tying a good knot a bit harder for me since I am of average height and have a thin neck, but once I do get a good knot this tie looks great. It adds the perfect amount of visual complexity while still enhancing a neutral color palette. You can see it in action here.