Editorial Policies

The world of blogging, reviewing, and promoting can be an uncomfortably murky one at times. All too often we see subtle brand promotion and affiliation where revenue and free merchandise are not clearly disclosed. I’m trying to run an objective and transparent site here, so these are my policies:

  • I do not distribute “sponsored” posts – I am the sole author of all content that appears on this site.
  • I do not accept money in return for product reviews.
  • I do not contact brands and ask for free merchandise. If you need to contact me, please send me an email.

On occasion I am offered a free product for review or as a gift. I will decline any offer that doesn’t fit in with the content of my blog and what I think my audience is interested in – this is usually more than half of the items I am offered. If I do accept a product, I will disclose that I received it for free.

I will at times use affiliate programs to generate very small amounts of revenue from this blog. I will only use these links to display products that I own, have experience with, or stand behind in one way or another. In other words, if I wouldn’t do it for free then I won’t do it at all. Rest assured that this revenue is very small; it’s not nearly enough to start selling out for.

Unless noted otherwise, all photos and written content are my own. I will occasionally use a photo from someone else when I can’t provide something suitable, but I will always provide a link to the original.

In short, I write on this blog because I love doing it and I love interacting with all of you. I know that you come here to read high-quality content, and I won’t dilute that with posts that aren’t honest and transparent.