Product Review: Loake Pimlico Chukka Boots

When I arrived home from my recent trip to New England, I was met with a welcome surprise: a large box from Pediwear containing a pair of Loake Pimlico chukkas. It is not often that I buy “investment items” like shoes brand new, so getting a nice item in its original box is quite exciting for me.

I have been hunting for an in-between shoe for some time now. I have enough oxfords, loafers, and sneakers for most occasions, but I’ve been looking for a shoe that can go on double duty. I felt that my options were in the category of bluchers, boots, and chukkas, and began a wide search. I ruled out bluchers quickly; I find many of the more affordable options less attractive than their closed-laced counterparts, and, although attractive, the nicer options weren’t in my price range. The same went for boots. There were models that I would love to own, but it was hard to find an affordable option that had the same amount of class (although it is worth noting that Pepe of Meermin fame is preparing a sample balmoral boot that will hopefully be available MTO soon).

I quickly realized that chukka boots were the best way to have a do-everything shoe without dropping a large amount of cash. I’ve been hearing positive things about them for years, but was never that interested as they seemed to lack the sex appeal of sleek, shiny dress shoes. However, I was more than willing to sacrifice that for versatility. I was attracted to the Loake Pimlico because of its slim shape (without being overly so like the C&J equivalent on the 348 last) and accessible price. I spoke with Aliotsy, and he assured me that sizing down a full size was the way to go. He was absolutely right.

I bought my pair from Pediwear, which worked out well; not only were they able to offer me the most competitive price, but they also included a shoe horn, suede eraser, and inducted me into the “Loake Pediwear Club,” which allows me 15% off all future Loake purchases. Shipping was quick and painless. Although there are those that believe Loake pales in comparison with the other Northampton companies (as they probably do), I believe that a chukka boot does not require a heavy investment like some other styles might. The shoe is well-constructed, made of solid materials, and a pleasure to wear. I’m sure you all will be seeing more of these in the coming months.