The Maratac Mid Pilot: A Watch for the Weekend

Maratac Mid Pilot review

Watches are still fairly new territory to me, which is dangerous. Once you have a good grip on a hobby you can make educated purchases based on what you want, what you can afford, and what provides the best value; when you’re just getting started, you think you know these things but in fact you do not. With that reasoning, I’ve been approaching my newfound interest in watches very carefully. […]

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Product Review: Linjer Soft Briefcase

linjer soft briefcase review

A while back I met some cool folks named Roman and Jenn that were working on launching a leather goods company called Linjer. I liked the angle their brand was going for and the designs of their products, so we stayed in touch. After I learned more about their products, I put together a post about their briefcase when their first campaign launched. […]

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Product Review: Suitsupply Jort Blazer

I’ve been looking to add a light brown summer sportcoat to my wardrobe for a while now. Inspired by pictures from the Sartorialist, Articles of Style, Styleforum’s NOBD, and more, I felt that this addition would be a way to experiment with some seasonal tailored clothing that would still be versatile and play well with […]

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Better Bedding with Brooklinen

These days, I often find myself wanting to post an article but being unable to do so because I have no photo to go with it. Sometimes I need someone to take a picture of me, sometimes I can’t find the right spot to take the photo, and sometimes I just don’t know how to […]

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Buy Once, Cry Once

It seems that one of the favorite pastimes of menswear bloggers (myself included) is creating lists of “essentials.” It’s definitely a fun exercise, and helps you really think about what constitutes a necessary piece of clothing. For those types of items, I’ve found that it can be worth saving up a bit more to buy […]

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Season to Taste

I have often used this blog as a platform to complain about San Francisco’s mild weather; it does feel a bit cruel to do that while the rest of the country has had a winter of epic proportions, but it’s true that living in a place that is 65 degrees almost every day can become […]

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