The Best of From Squalor to Baller

Welcome to From Squalor to Baller! The links below are shortcuts to the most popular articles and photographs on this site.

The Business Casual Basics Series – A three-part series that gives an introduction to the three basic pieces of “business casual” attire – shirts, pants, and shoes. Advice on fit, style, and where to buy are all included.

The In-Between Wardrobe Series – This is series is meant to complement the Business Casual Basics series by highlighting the most versatile items a man can own. The products highlighted in these articles can pull double duty for professional and casual looks, making them very valuable to have in the arsenal.

The Personal Style Series – A three-part series discussing events in my life that shaped the way I choose to dress. Learning about the details and “rules” of clothing is valuable, but these posts try to go further and discuss the larger ideas at play.

Seasonal Selections – My picks for season-appropriate clothing.

Product Reviews – Reviews of items that I own. If you would like to see a review of a particular item, feel free to email me.

The One Year Later Series – Similar to the product reviews, but with items that I have owned for at least a year. These reviews tend to focus on how the item is holding up to wear and whether it looks better or worse than when I bought it.

Item Roundups – An in-depth look at a particular type of clothing and all the best places to purchase them.

What I Wore Today Archives – Photographs of myself with every article of clothing nicely documented.

Out and About – This series highlights brick and mortar shops that I have visited over the years. Most are located in the Bay Area, but my menswear radius is slowly expanding.

Made-to-Measure Shirt Guides – Guidelines and suggestions for navigating the online made-to-measure shirt scene.

Packing and Travel – I love packing. Here’s where I discuss it.

Clothing Repair and Maintenance – Simple guides for taking care of your purchases.