Chambray and Denim

Although we’re deep into the Autumn season, San Francisco continues to have mild 65-70 degree weather. It keeps taking me by surprise, but at this point I should be used to the fact that the weather is always going to be like that here. I do like the idea of layering up, but most days only require a sturdy shirt and light jacket.

This celebrated Gant Rugger M-65 jacket has been a lot of fun to wear. I plan on slimming down the sleeves eventually (they’re quite large, as is typical of this type of jacket), but I still enjoy the full silhouette that they currently give. This chambray shirt from Proper Cloth has also quickly become a favorite of mine – more on that soon.

Also, these Gustins are breaking in nicely. I think we’re coming up on their first wash, too.

The belt is the “Scott” belt from Equus leather, a lovely piece that was generously given to me by Charlie, the owner of Equus. It has become my go-to belt for denim and other casual fabrics – its richness and depth of color make it very easy to wear.