A Closer Look: Fall/Winter Inventory at No Man Walks Alone

When I was in New York in January I made a point to stop by the No Man Walks Alone HQ on 37th St. to say hello to Greg and Kyle and to check out their current stock. The small team always has an incredible selection of items in their showroom, and although the prices are generally high they’re still very competitive for what you get. Many of those prices are significantly lower right now due to the end-of-the-season sale, and if you’re looking to treat yourself to something nice you should definitely take a look. Here are some of my favorite items, both within the sale and otherwise:
First, this brown tweed Ulster coat by Eidos is really something, and I would have bought it on the spot had it been in my size. There’s only one left, so consider yourself lucky if you’re a 48IT! It’s incredibly warm and features some of the wonderful styling that make “great coats” great: turn-back cuffs, big collars, and a beautiful belted martingala back.


Then there are these rabbit fur gloves by Dent’s, which are without a doubt one of the softest things I have ever felt. These are much more luxurious than the cashmere-lined ones that are more common.


One item that’s not available is this made-to-order field coat, also by Eidos. These things sold out very quickly, so I was lucky that there was still one available to look at.


I was also very impressed with all of the pieces from Camoshita, especially their outerwear. This heavy duffel coat was exactly what I was missing for those cold New York mornings.


My next work trip will be to Chicago, so in a week I’m sure I’ll wishing I had all of these coats and gloves to keep me warm. Nonetheless, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in California it’s that warm weather is always around the corner. And with warmer weather will come a whole new batch of great stuff from No Man Walks Alone, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well!