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Garrett Leight Opens in San Francisco

There have been a few exciting store openings in San Francisco recently (and one that we’re all waiting on…), one of which is the new Garret Leight shop in Hayes Valley. The LA-based eyewear brand launched only five years ago, but has attracted a strong following in that time. You can read my in-depth article […]

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Reppin’ My Team

suitsupply lazio shibumi grenadine

I’ve always found that the colors navy and burgundy look great together, especially when they’re on the jerseys of my undergraduate alma mater as they annihilate the competition in the NCAA tournament. For that reason, I thought I would rep(p)* this new block stripe grenadine tie from the folks at Shibumi Berlin. […]

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Item Roundup: P3 Glasses

Every now and again someone has the gumption to tell me that I’m lucky to have poor vision because it allows me to wear glasses. Although I hardly think a life of near-blindness is a good trade for another accessory to spend money on, I won’t deny that glasses can be very cool. It should […]

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