12 Menswear Tumblrs Worth Following

The #menswear scene on tumblr is an interesting one; there is a lot of wonderful original content out there, but also a ton of stock photography and runway shots that get passed around endlessly. There is nothing wrong with having a blog that highlights those things, but we all know the feeling that comes from seeing the same Ovadia & Sons lookbook photos dozens of times on your dashboard.

The tumblr gods have been smiling upon me recently, and after being a trending blog on tumblr’s mobile app and now a spotlight blog under the fashion tag, I wanted to point my new readers toward other blogs churning out the good stuff. These are small blogs run by normal guys that are actively putting out great content and have a sense of style that I appreciate (or envy, in most cases). Enjoy!

urbancomposition – Peter works in San Francisco, and he is without a doubt the best-dressed contractor in the city. Not only does he use beautiful workwear pieces for their intended purpose, but he also can be found mixing patterns like a pro in his bespoke clothing on the weekends.

drivingincarswithpocketsquares – Ben has taken the throne for Best Thrifter, as far as I’m concerned. He posts pictures of his outfits every day, and you’ll be amazed at the stuff he finds (and how well it fits him). He also offers good thrifting tips and style advice.

mostlyharmlessstuff – Great photos, great clothes, and great articles; Pelle is running one of the best blogs for classic men’s style right now. A superb blog from a stylish swede.

edwinzee – Edwin is a good friend and another San Francisco local; his blog is a great resource for learning more about many popular clothing items and is particularly useful to those living in the Bay Area.

jacobbockelmann – Jacob is new to the tumblr game but he’s already putting up some A+ content. He works in the tech industry and is a great example of how dressing casually can still be sharp. A great resource for the casual dresser looking to up their game.

omgerald – Gerald is another Bay Area native, and is the only one on this list that actually works in the clothing industry (as far as I know). His blog features outfits, advice, and the occasional inside glimpse into the industry.

wellwornwornwell – Grayson is wise beyond his years and too clever for his own good. His blog is a combination of great classic photographs and well-written tirades against those who dare disagree with him.

girlplusguy – a young couple with some great clothes. This is a nice “What I Wore Today” -style blog, and is a good resource for looking at Brooks Brothers items. Check the archives for some great shots.

lacasuarina – Matt has the wardrobe we all dream of having someday, and wears it better than we ever would. He’ll also help you sell your stuff through the best menswear consignment service ever – luxeswap.com.

blazerandtie – Timo shows you that dressing classically isn’t just for old men. He is also the reigning world expert on Suitsupply products and how to wear them like a boss.

yolowastaken – do you like shoes? No, do you REALLY like shoes? This is your guy – a well-shod Californian with a shoe collection for the ages.

unclebeebo – one of the best WIWT blogs around. Jeremy is an exceptionally well-dressed guy and is great at documenting it.

maxim-victorsf – is he a Russian spy? A professional bodybuilder? A billionaire playboy? I have a lot of questions about Victor, but I do know that he might be the best-dressed man on the internet.

There are many, many more, but ten eleven twelve is a nice round number so I decided to stop there. If you know of other menswear tumblrs worth mentioning, leave a comment below!